Mission Statement  

Basically the global objective is to bring together academics, scholars, holders of public office, researchers, analysts and media persons of the First World and the Asian Region to an ongoing dialogue that would inform each other of the developing issues that are likely to impact globally and regionally.

Also calibrated will be an effort to put in spotlight the areas of public and social and economic life that remains beyond the media glare in Asia, particularly South Asia , South East Asia and Central Asia, which are home to some of the most backward countries presently reeling as much under misgovernance and abuse of human rights and press freedom as looming threat of fundamentalist religious forces.

The Project will target misunderstandings and misperceptions that would confuse or misdirect non-Asians about the cultural, political, economic and social complexities. At the same time it will also endeavour to bring together, promote and protect the diverse, cultural, religious, social and political forces within a democratic framework that respect the rule of law, human rights, transparency, accountability and good governance.

Rooted firmly in centuries old Asian traditions, the Project will strive to strengthen a value system, which, while remaining true to the well laid out parameters of tradition, will contribute to peace, stability and prosperity and strengthen respect for human values, humanitarian laws and pluralism leading to peaceful co-existence of diverse communities in the region

Specific Objectives

Check the new forces that pose serious threats to human rights, rule of law, pluralism, environment and democratic institutions,

Put global focus on ‘separatism and terrorism’ – the twin forces that are posing a threat to territorial integrity of the nations of the region.  And are undermining peace and stability of the Asian region by exploiting ethnic and linguistic divide for partisan ends

Facilitate rapid setting up of communication and information links to bring the Asian nations closer to each other through a better and in-depth understanding of local, national and regional problems

Promote serious studies and research on the rapidly changing dynamics in the region and disseminate such scholarly work to inform both the policy-makers, opinion makers and the general public,

Strengthening the news reporting to promote freedom of writing and speech and to safeguard the human rights, freedom and liberty which are the birthrights of the individuals in the Asian countries, 

The vehicle to achieve these objectives is the World Institute for Asian Studies (WIAS) through 1) research, 2) publications, 3) workshops, 4) seminars and 5) all traditional folk art and communication forms 6) on-line dailies, 7) FM Radio service.

Short Term/ Medium Term Objective

Through training journalists and offering a forum to journalists to articulate peoples’ concern without fear, facilitating writings in the media and mass awakening programmes that will tap the rich local art and communication forms, the Project will

Open up new space for the Asian region, which has the potential to be the new growth engine of the world, to explore their common problems

Address root causes of terrorist violence and focus on measures to curb the growth of terrorism, obscurantism, fundamentalism and dogmatism in the Asian region that have no respect for human values

Promote democratic and non-violent changes and reforms along within a liberal and pluralistic framework

Identify and address issues that have deepened poverty, illiteracy and ignorance ( in the Asian societies) which have become  easy fodder for forces out to strangulate human initiatives for better life

Focus on issues of globalization that impacts on environment, quality of life and destabilization of the region

Raise the profile of the Asian region as a growth area with potential to match, equal or even surpass, the performances of the other developed regions;

Above all the Project through its various operations will bring into focus areas generally neglected by the global media.



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