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Believing that the future is with Asia as it rises from its past to its full potential

Noting that Asia is moving out of its traditional mode of production and global relations of the post-colonial era,

Recognizing that some of the Asian giants are on the verge of breaking through the barriers that have inhibited growth and progress in the past

Knowing that the fast changing Asian region needs better inter-state relations for peace and stability,

Knowing that the new forces of globalization sweeping Asia can pose serious threats to human rights, rule of law, pluralism, environment and democratic institutions,

Realizing that there is a need for establishing a research center to undertake serious studies of the rapidly changing dynamics in the region and disseminate such scholarly work to inform both the policy-makers, opinion makers and the general public,

Recognizing the urgent need to build communication and information links to bring the Asian nations closer to each other through better and in-depth understanding of regional problems,

Recognizing that there is an urgent need to address separatism and terrorism – the twin forces that undermine Asian peace and stability

We have decided to establish the World Institute for Asian Studies (WIAS) as a forum committed to organize 1) research, 2) publications, 3) workshops, 4) seminars etc. that would address the above-mentioned goals.

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