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The World Institute for Asian Studies is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization aimed at bringing academics, scholars, holders of public office, researchers, analysts and media personnel of the First World and the Asian Region to an ongoing dialogue that would inform each other of the developing issues that are likely to impact globally and regionally.

The Association will target misunderstandings and misperceptions that would confuse or misdirect non-Asians about the cultural, political, economic and social complexities of the Asian Region.

The Association intends to bring together, promote and protect the diverse, cultural, religious, social and political forces in the Asian region within democratic frameworks that respect the rule of law, human rights, transparency, accountability and good governance.

The Association strongly believes that democratization and modernization of the Asian nations, big and small, rich and poor, within parameters of acceptable tradition, are vital for universal peace, stability and prosperity.

The Association will be rooted in the Asian traditions that respect human values, humanitarian laws and pluralism leading to peaceful co-existence of diverse communities in the region.


 Euro-Asia Radio

 *Euro-Asia Radio  (EAR) is to be launched  shortly

 *Broadcasting to both  Asia and Europe  simultaneously.

 *12 hour daily English  language broadcast  with hourly 30mts  News

 *The balance 12  hours  will be allotted  to hourly programs in  the major Asian  languages.

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